Drag Racing Association of Women

               "Fast Help for Fast Friends"






DRAW's motto is "Fast Help For Fast Friends" and our sole mission is providing financial and emotional support to qualified individuals involved in a drag racing accident at a track.

Financial assistance paid 1985-2023 - $5,471,013
Number of families assisted 1985-2023 - 1004

DRAW Board of Trustees 2024-2025 Election

Below are listed the 7 nominations to fill 6 open seats on the Board of Trustees for 2024-2025.

Please take the time to read each profile. These are people who have donated their time for many years to keep the Drag Racing Association of Women going strong, to provide financial and emotional support for injured drag racers and their families.

You must currently be a member of DRAW to vote.

Information on how to submit your ballot is on the page with the ballot.



Vicki Aswege

Address: 4615 S Hazelton Ln

City, State, & Zip: Tempe, AZ 85282

Phone #: 480-820-3110 cell 602-370-7791 fax 480-820-2355

Email: vickidraw@gmail.com

Draw Position(s) Held: Past-Recording Secretary, Present-Treasurer

Time donated to DRAW or other volunteer activities: work the DRAW

booth at several NHRA national events, work several hours a week on

various Draw projects.

Drag Racing Affiliation, if any: Former team manager for a NHRA Pro

Stock Bike team, work for Don Schumacher Racing hospitality,

facilitated Arizona Super Comp Assoc races for several years.

NHRA Event(s) attended in 2023: Pomona 1 &2, Phoenix, Vegas 1,

Epping, Joliet, Norwalk, Denver, Seattle, Sonoma, Indy, Dallas

NHRA Event(s) planning to attend in 2024: Same as 2023 or others if

needed to work the DRAW booth.

Current Employment (optional): Back to the Rack women’s clothing


Cactus Flower Florist—delivery driver

Computer Skills (optional): word, excel.

Hobbies(optional): Reading

Any other information you would like DRAW to know: I am very

passionate about DRAW and honored to be a part of such a

worthwhile organization. I feel that my involvement with DRAW

helps to make me more compassionate. Knowing how many racers

DRAW has helped makes me proud to say I am a member of DRAW.

Yokie Van Vallis

Chesterfield MI, 48047

Phone# 586-615-4175

Fax# 586-949-0143

Email: yokievanv@yahoo.com

Draw Position(s) held: Vice-President, Secretary, Press Secretary, Board Member,

Membership committee.

Time donated to Draw or other volunteer activities: As much as is needed.

Racing Affiliation, if any: None

NHRA Event(s) attended in 2023: Joliet, St Louis, Dallas

NHRA Event(s) planning to attend in 2024: Gainesville,Norwalk, Dallas

Computer Skills: Yes

Hobbies: Golf, crafts

Any other information you would like us to know: We no longer actively race, but I still

believe in all that DRAW does

Rosalee Noble

Address: 4 Hance Drive

City, State & Zip: Charleston, IL 61920

Phone# 217 345-6537 – Home 217 549-6472 - Cell Fax: None

E-Mail: rnoble@consolidated.net

Position(s) Held: Secretary, Vice President, President, Since 1995 to present Fund Raising Chairman

Time donated to Draw or other volunteer activities: I am a full time volunteer for DRAW. We tend the half of the NHRA National Events. I process all the injured racers, chair or work closely with the chairman of national fund raising activities and manage the national booth. I work with and give guidance to track representatives who want to do fund raising at their track. I also work with Area Coordinators on their merchandising. This work limits my time for other volunteer activities but when the church or other community groups asks for help I try to work them into my schedule.

Drag Racing Affiliation, if any: Driver and owner of the Care Wagon – ET Bracket Racing – Made my final pass in the Care Wagon in October 2021. I raced the wagon for 30 years. It is still on the track with a young driver and we are there supporting his as his biggest fans.

Yvette Williams


DRAW position(s) held: Board of Trustees or Alternate

Time donated to DRAW or other volunteers: Board Meetings, helping with Dallas Auction

Drag Racing Affiliation, if any: (ABM) Antron Brown Motorsports

NHRA Event(s) attended in 2023: Gainesville, Indy, Reading, Dallas

NHRA Event(s) planning on attending in 2024: 4 or 5 events not chosen yet

Hobbies (optional): Drag Racing

Sandra Alberti

Address: 4891 N Bitterbrush Dr

City State & Zip: Boise ID 83703

Phone#: 208-761-4730

Email: albertiusa@yahoo.com

Draw Position(s) Held: none

Time donated to Draw or other volunteer activities: 5 hrs/wk

Drag Racing Affiliation, if any: Rupert Motorsports, freelance photography

NHRA Event(s) attended in 2023: Pomona 1, Vegas 1, Sonoma, Chicago, Indy, Dallas

NHRA Event(s) planning to attend in 2024: Gainesville, Chicago, Indy, Dallas

Current Employment (optional): HDRComputer Skills/Hobbies (optional): Photography and social media.Any other information you would like us to know: I am passionate about drag racing and photography, and would love to combine the two to help create fresh social media content for DRAW!

Debby Thompson

Address: 7931 N 400 West

City, State & Zip: Fairland, IN 46126

Phone# 317-440-4422 Fax# None

Email: debby3950@hotmail.com

Draw Position(s) Previously Held: Board member 1997-2005, 2015-Present; Indianapolis Raceway Park Track Rep 1997-Present; DRAW Historian 1997-Present; Indy Auction Donation Coordinator 1991-2001; Write column for DRAW Newsletter "The History Lesson" 2012-Present.

Time donated to Draw or other volunteer activities: Attend 3 Board meetings at National events and local IRP races, help with the National DRAW booth where needed, calling committee for injured racers.

Drag Racing Affiliation, if any: Bracket racer and SuperComp racer 1978-2008

NHRA Event(s) attended in 2023: Gainesville, Chicago, Indy

NHRA Event(s) planning to attend in 2024: Gainesville, Chicago, Indy, Dallas

Current Employment (optional) Retired medical transcriptionist

Computer Skills (optional) Work-related computer use

Hobbies (optional) Music and drag racing

Any other information you would like us to know:

Drag racing will always be a part of my life. From spectator, to racer/driver, back to spectator and supporter, I will always endeavor to give back to the sport. I know firsthand about suffering through a racing accident, although I was lucky not to suffer any long-term effects. This gives me a different perspective of the sport and what drivers may feel. It is important to me to share and care and be some support where I can through DRAW.

Olan Gotcher

Oak Leaf, TX

Email olan@jographix.com

DRAW positions held: Membership Secretary, Board of Trustees

Work the annual DALLAS auction, print and mail DRAW newsletter since 1988 to present.

Drag Racing affiliation: NHRA Division 4 & 5 tower coordinator at divisional races and usually 8 National

Events for the last 33 years.

National Events attended in 2023: multiple

Plan to attend at least 10 National Events in 2024

Self employed

I have been a DRAW member since 1988.




MIDNIGHT PST, December 15, 2023)

Listed below in alphabetical order are seven (7) candidates seeking to fill the six (6) seats on the

Board of Trustees for 2024-2025 term.



______ Alberti, Sandra _______ Noble, Rosalee

______ Aswege, Vicki ______ Thompson, Debby

______ Gotcher Olan _______ Van Vallis, Yokie

______ Yvette Williams

Your Name:_________________________________

Your DRAW Membership Number:______________

(your DRAW membership number is located next to your

name on the address label of the mailed newsletter)

When the ballot is complete, mail to:

DRAW 2022-2023 Trustee Election

c/o Kathi Vandermeer-

16889 Rose Briar Lane

Nampa, ID 83667

Or email: kathifiveonefive@gmail.com.


The History Lesson

Deb Thompson, DRAW Historian

I thought I would do a little reminder about those we should remember as
a part of the history of DRAW.
I mentioned the Tracy Winters Memorial Golf Tournament that was held
during the GatorNationals in March. For those who might not remember or are
new to DRAW, Tracy Winters passed away in 2013. She started as an Area 2
Coordinator for DRAW from 1993 to 1997. She was also on the Board of Trustees
from 1994 to 1998 and again from 2000 to 2013. She was DRAW Press Secretary
from 1995 to 1998 and in 2002. Tracy was an integral part of the golf tournament
held during the GatorNationals (first held in Gainesville in 1997), and it is now
named in her honor.
Tracy once quoted “Remember, you can’t control the length of your life,
but you can control the depth of it.”
With all the “talk” about always looking forward, sometimes it is nice to
reflect on the important points and people in our past to appreciate where we are
today and to continue moving forward to honor the work done before us. And
that’s just what we do...honor those before us and those that continue to need
us. Thank you for keeping DRAW moving forward!

Cards & Letters to Injured Racers is so Important
One of the great things about the Indy race is we generally get to see some injured racers from the past. It is always so heartwarming to get to visit with them and hear how they are doing. This year we had three racers stop by, Larry Sisk, Tom Brown and Ryan Gortney. When we work the booth or talked to the injured racers on the phone, we get to hear how important DRAW is important to their recovery. But only a few of us are fortunate enough to experience these "warm and fuzzies." Below is a letter from one of our current injured racers Andrew Blanton along with some pictures he sent with the letter. Please keep this letter in mind and when you get your DRAWing attention newsletter each month to send a few cards and/or letters out.

Dearest DRAW, 

Hi! I wanted to say hi and thank you to some of the friends that have kept in touch with me from DRAW. Constance Smith, Judy and Bill Leahey, Ray and Millie Martel have sent some very nice letters and they have made the most recent past a lot better. Please thank each of them for me and try to explain how much good happens from a single handwritten "hello". I have added some pictures of myself, Annika my daughter (sounds like Onikuh) and Kara my girlfriend. Thank you again from care and support.  The people at DRAW make my daily life a lot better!!!

Warm Regards
Andrew Blanton
Drag Racing Association of Women Clarification

Due to a recent situation, the board members of the DRAW feel the need to clarify an 
item from the organizations Bylaws. 

Racers receiving aid from the Drag Racing Association of Women can not return to 
driving or riding a race vehicle and continue to receive aid from DRAW.

The thought being is that racer aid is there if you are not able to work or participate in normal life activities and have doctors orders that say so. If you are capable of 
operating any racing vehicle, then you should be capable of working or participating 
in normal life activities and will no longer receive aid from the Drag Racing 
Association of Women.

Take just a little time to be prepared
I recently was slightly involved in something that made me want to write a little story
about being prepared for the worst. In this day and age, anyone that is 18 years or 
older should at least have a Power of Attorney in place and if you have a spouse, dependents or loved ones that depend on you make a Will. If you were to pass away tomorrow is everything in place to take care of the people you want to get taken care 
of? If you do not at least have a POA then you risk having everything tied up in court, sometimes for years, while the State tries to determine who should get your assets. 
Sit down with a lawyer and get a POA made up and put on file so if something does 
happen, your family and loved ones are not stuck trying to obtain what is supposed 
to be rightfully theirs.

Chris Hardesty

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Committee and Volunteer Opportunities for 2023
In 2023, DRAW will mark its 38th year of providing "Fast Help for Fast Friends." It takes the time and talent of many people
to make our mission a reality. There are many ways you can help make 2021 DRAW's best year ever.

DRAW's lifeblood is dedicated volunteers. You can make a valuable contribution to DRAW by joining one of our committees: Website, Newsletter, Membership, Fundraising, Injured Racer Calling, and others that might arise during the year.
If you are interested in volunteering or joining one of DRAW's committees, please submit an application to Rosalee Noble,
4 Hance Dr., Charleston Ill. 61920 Email: rnoble@consolidated.com